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A Fully Equipped HR Services Provider

In order for businesses to be successful, they need to honestly assess their internal capabilities. Many companies don’t have the resources to meet the increasing demand of their HR workload.

While your organization may have a sound employee relations strategy in place, for example, it might need help processing payroll every week. While you might be happy with your current employee benefits plan, you might need assistance handling the associated paperwork.

TPG HR Services USA can assess and satisfy your specific business needs. We provide customized service packages for organizations of every size and budget. Our staff begins with an in-depth look at your internal HR operations to identify improvable areas. These services are designed to supplement your existing HR efforts, not to replace them. Consider us a helpful consultant who can also handle administrative tasks.


Our decades of experience in human resources enable us to offer assistance in a full range of HR operations, many of which can be difficult for business owners to oversee. Whether you need support managing open workers’ compensation claims, or assistance recruiting employees and everything in between, we’re ready to help. Our HR services can enable your team to work more efficiently and can help save you valuable time, money and manpower on matters that can easily get in the way of running your business.


The HR services model allows you to offload your HR administrative responsibilities to trained professionals while maintaining your current corporate culture and HR policies. We can also offer guidance on any possible policy shifts or adaptations that your organization might be considering and help you through significant organizational changes, such as switching pay schedules, implementing new time management systems or changing major benefits providers.

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