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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation


Expeditious & Thorough Resolution of Workers’ Comp Claims


For CEO’s, CFO’s, business owners or HR professionals, workers’ compensation is a fundamental part of doing business. Nevertheless, the ins and outs of workers’ compensation can prove difficult to navigate. A backlog of open claims can deal a heavy blow to your company’s financial resources and keep valuable employees on the sidelines longer than they should be.

TPG HR Services USA offers comprehensive management of all workers’ comp matters, from start to finish. We can communicate with your employees on your behalf through each stage of the process, relieving you of the logistical leg-work.


  • Assistance on Selecting Vendors
  • Assistance Negotiating Rates
  • Handling All Documentation and Paperwork
  • Communicating with Appropriate Agencies
  • Safety Program
  • Safety Training Videos

You have enough to worry about. Let us manage your workers’ comp matters.

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