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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding


Expedited Transition to Your Workforce

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To arrange a quick transition from candidate to employee, an organized, communicative and thorough onboarding process is required. TPG HR Services USA is equipped to comprehensively manage your employee onboarding with our proprietary software, ensuring your employees are better and more quickly prepared for their first day of work.

We Provide a Full Range of Onboarding Services

  • Document and paperwork processing
  • Development and distribution of orientation materials (handbooks, benefit materials, etc.)
  • Background and drug-testing
  • Communication and correspondence with new hires
  • Tax document administration
  • Retirement benefits assistance
  • Distribution of health plan information

Using state-of-the-art technology, our onboarding team is in consistent communication with employees through each stage of the onboarding process. This ensures that candidates follow all proper steps to start working. Online and paper onboarding services are available.

Dangers of Mismanaged Onboarding

A lot of productivity can also be lost during a disorganized onboarding process, particularly for short-staffed organizations with an immediate need for personnel. Many important compliance issues can also be overlooked, leaving your company open to significant legal exposure. Rather than spend your time playing catch-up, why not rely on our onboarding experts to guide qualified candidates to your ranks?

How Effective Employee Onboarding Strengthens Teamwork

Effective employee onboarding not only checks all your compliance boxes and gets your employees working quickly, but also makes sure your new employees are fully integrated into your workplace culture and values. This ensures that new employees smoothly integrate into your existing teams, understanding the expectations for their individual role and how they fit into “the bigger picture” at your organization. Let’s face it; almost no position operates in a vacuum without interacting with other employees on critical projects or task. Every employee needs to be able to work well with their co-workers in order to produce the best results. TPG HR Services onboarding process is individually designed for your company’s unique mission and culture. We will help your new employees rapidly acclimate to your company’s work environment enabling them to better mesh with their fellow employees. This kind of values-driven onboarding experience will ensure that all of your employees – new and old – will be “on the same page” and driving your business in the same direction: toward success.

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