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A Fully Equipped HR Services Provider

In order for businesses to be successful, they need to honestly assess their internal capabilities. Many companies don’t have the resources to meet the increasing demand of their HR workload. TPG HR Services USA provides its clients with a comprehensive HR services list to choose exactly what they need help with.

While your organization may have a sound employee relations strategy in place, for example, it might need help processing payroll every week. While you might be happy with your current employee benefits plan, you might need assistance handling the associated paperwork.

TPG HR Services USA can assess and satisfy your specific business needs. We provide customized service packages for organizations of every size and budget. Our staff begins with an in-depth look at your internal HR operations to identify improvable areas. These services are designed to supplement your existing HR efforts, not to replace them. Consider us a helpful consultant who can also handle administrative tasks.

HR Consulting

Jump-start your organization's productivity by leveraging the expertise of our HR consultants. They can provide a fresh perspective on, and concrete solutions to, a variety of issues that impact your bottom line.

Small Business HR

Your small business needs to get the most out of your workforce in order to remain productive and profitable. We can provide the cost-effective HR services that every small business needs to succeed in today's highly competitive, global marketplace.

Payroll Management

Everybody has to get paid, but the payroll process doesn’t manage itself. We work with companies of all sizes to manage their payroll and make sure their personnel are compensated without any issues.

Compliance Assistance

Feeling overwhelmed from the ever-growing, and always changing maze of HR rules, regulations, and laws? Let TPG HR Services help provide your business with the compliance assistance it needs to succeed.

Talent Acquisition

By now you’ve learned that quality employees are the lifeblood of any business. Let us help you recruit the most promising and qualified professionals in your industry.

Employee Onboarding

Much time can be lost in the transition from applicant to employee. We can expedite the onboarding process and ensure that employees have completed all the right steps to be part of your team.

Employee Relations

Ensuring staff satisfaction can be a 24/7 job by itself. We work with your employees on your behalf to promptly resolve their issues according to your internal policies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During the often chaotic period of a merger or acquisition, we can help develop an effective integration strategy that accounts for all the possible HR pitfalls, allowing you to focus on other critical priorities.

Unemployment Management

Quickly resolve unemployment matters while identifying and addressing fraudulent claims. We’ll work with employees and agencies to ensure a timely, fair and cost-effective resolution.

Benefits Management

Save money on benefits-related costs. We are ready to help you find quality employee-benefit plans and seamlessly manage day-to-day administration of all benefits issues.

Workers' Compensation

Avoid penalties and unnecessary costs related to workers’ compensation. We will negotiate with providers on your behalf and communicate with employees throughout their claims.

Employee Communications

Keep your staff in the loop about important events and company developments. Our employee communications services help you stay connected with your team.


Our decades of experience in human resources enable us to offer assistance in a full range of HR operations, many of which can be difficult for business owners to oversee. Whether you need support managing open workers’ compensation claims, or assistance recruiting employees and everything in between, we’re ready to help. Our HR services can enable your team to work more efficiently and can help save you valuable time, money and manpower on matters that can easily get in the way of running your business.


The HR services model allows you to offload your HR administrative responsibilities to trained professionals while maintaining your current corporate culture and HR policies. We can also offer guidance on any possible policy shifts or adaptations that your organization might be considering and help you through significant organizational changes, such as switching pay schedules, implementing new time management systems or changing major benefits providers.

Services Checklist


  • Employee Relations
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration
  • Unemployment Administration
  • Online HR Support Center (8AM-6PM EST)
  • HR Help Desk/On Call HR
  • State Unemployment Cost Control
  • FMLA Notifications and Tracking
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Comprehensive HR Audit
  • Personnel Folder Maintenance
  • File Maintenance
  • Job Description Templates
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Background Check Administration (when Applicable)


  • Proprietary HRIS
  • Paper Onboarding System


  • Send Electronic Invites to Candidates
  • Gather New Hire Application Information
  • Audit I-9
  • Process E-Verify in All Applicable States
  • Send New Hire Letters Per State Law
  • Send Workplace Information Pamphlets Per State Law
  • Send Sick and Safe Leave Notices Per State Law
  • Send Affordable Care Act Notices
  • Send Benefit Enrollment Forms Per ACA Laws


  • COBRA Notification ( as Applicable)
  • Section 125 Premium Only Plan (when Applicable)
  • Section 125 FSA Transit, & Dependent Care Pre-Tax Plans
  • 401(k) MEP Administration
  • Compliance for Affordable Care Act (as Applicable)
  • Annual Open Enrollment


  • Employer/Employee 24/7 Online Access
  • Online W-2
  • Online Pay Stubs
  • Direct Deposit
  • PayCard Processing (Global CashCard)
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Time attendance and PTO Management
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Travel Reimbursements
  • W-2 Processing
  • Tax Processing
  • Voluntary Deductions
  • Sick and Safe Leave
  • Workers’ Compensation Premium Payment Program
  • Standard Reports

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