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A group of workers giving each other high fives.

Tips for Improving Company Culture

Company culture refers to the values and actions that determine how a business’s employees interact with each other as well as with clients and customers. The principles that make up a company culture are rarely laid out in concrete terms. They are largely left unstated after forming through a mix of artificial and organic means.…

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Part of the hiring process depicted by picture of the interviewer giving a thumbs down sign

How to Properly Tell Candidates They Didn’t Get the Job

Telling someone that he or she was not chosen for the job is never an easy thing to do. It may be one of the most dreaded parts of the hiring process for HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers. A candidate has come to your office dressed to the nines, put her best effort forth…

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A woman who is very happy.

How to Best Motivate Your Employees

One of the most common challenges managers and supervisors face is keeping their employees happy and motivated. Poll after poll has shown that many American workers are unhappy, unmotivated, unengaged or simply indifferent at their places of employment. This leads to diminished productivity, unsatisfied customers and eventually to a decline in your company’s overall revenue.…

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A picture of a new hire at the end of the onboarding process.

Want To Improve Employee Retention? Begin By Improving Your Onboarding Process

It seems that employee retention has become an increasingly popular buzz phrase for employers around the U.S. With low levels of national unemployment and a select few superstar employees available for the taking, when employers identify a high performer within their organization, they should move heaven and Earth to keep them. But with employees constantly…

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An employee sleeping at her desk.

Has America’s Work Ethic Declined?

You read it in headlines; you hear it from news pundits, employers and star workers from generations past: Americans don’t work like they used to. But what does this mean and is it actually true? Is the change in work ethic generational or related to advancements in technology? How much of this is just stereotyping…

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A picture of a CEO wearing a cape on the back of his business suit.

Lessons from CEOs Who Rescued Their Companies from Disaster

The phrase “if you build it, they will come” is a commonly used cultural refrain from the 1989 Kevin Costner film, “Field of Dreams.” While that might be true of baseball diamonds, it’s hardly true in business. Things often don’t go as planned, and the decisions that you as a CEO make during these tumultuous…

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Picture of a woman holding up a smiley face in front of her head.

How to Boost Job Satisfaction

Other than success, there are a few features that every effective business possesses. Some of these are obvious: a workspace conducive to productivity, qualified employees with compatible work habits, sufficient demand for its products or services, etc. If just one of these characteristics is missing, the entire operation runs the risk of falling apart. One…

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A picture of a person preparing to burn a $100 bill.

The Cost of Undervaluing Human Resources

Next to throwing your money into a fire pit, one of the easiest ways to sabotage your business is to neglect human resources (HR). But what’s a small business to do when it can’t afford an HR department? You outsource. By pooling with other people through an outside vendor, HR suddenly becomes affordable and effective.…

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A diverse group of millennial employees.

How to Inspire and Manage Millennial Employees

Did you know that more than one in three American workers is a millennial? In 2015, millennials (adults age 18 to 35 in 2017) surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce, bringing with them vastly different values, motivations and experiences. In light of their unique identity, how do companies inspire…

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A group of workers who have been shown employee appreciation as shown by the trophy they are celebrating.

10 Inexpensive Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

There is a direct correlation between employee appreciation and productivity. Employees that feel that their work is appreciated will hold themselves to higher standards as they have already seen firsthand that success is recognized and rewarded. Conversely, employees who do not feel appreciated will question the benefits of their continued effort and might not feel…

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Photo of a manager speaking with employee.

How to Improve Workplace Communication

One of the worst errors business owners make is failing to keep their employees informed about what’s going on with their company. Many owners may think that employees don’t need to know every detail and would like to run more of a cloak and dagger operation. Good leaders understand that keeping followers in the dark…

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Employee at work being distracted by his smartphone.

Are Workplace Distractions Robbing Your Employees of Productivity?

In today’s world of one million and one different things all vying for our attention at once, people tend to miss out on what truly matters. With multiple 24-hour news cycles telling us what and how to think, technology doggedly seeking to supplant the vital aspects of our day-to-day functioning, and the ever-expanding excess of…

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Picture of a smiling woman holding a cup of coffee at work.

10 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress and Anxiety

It likely comes as no surprise that American workers are stressed out and plagued by anxiety. Long hours, increasing costs of living, the pressures of consumerism and the constant overlapping of work and life are just a few of the culprits. But while stress and anxiety at work are unavoidable facts of adulthood, the ways…

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A picture of a pen laying on top of an employee review sheet

Have You Reviewed Your Employee Review Policies?

  Is it Time to Look at Your Employee Review Policies? The dreaded performance review. Those words alone drum up fear in the minds of employees everywhere. This angst is understandable, as employee reviews are typically not given often enough, and worse, they’re usually conducted poorly. A well-executed review provides constructive feedback regarding an employee’s…

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Data hacker enters computer through binary strings

Is Your Data Secure?

It seems that every day there’s a new story about some large company, celebrity or political candidate being hacked. Whether it’s uncovering salacious emails, revealing embarrassing photos, stealing financial data or exposing corporate secrets, today’s Internet criminals have become bolder and more skilled than ever before. If companies like Target, Walmart and Sony aren’t safe, and…

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