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You Focus on Your Business.
We Focus on Your HR.

  • 40 Year+ HR Experience
  • Thousands of Employees Managed
  • Countless Satisfied Clients

TPG HR Services USA is a national leader in full-service HR solutions for small, medium and large businesses. We help companies reach their organizational goals by providing comprehensive HR services to manage payroll, benefits administration, employee relations and to provide compliance assistance. We invite you to work smarter by partnering with TPG HR Services USA to help implement or improve your existing HR functions or in an advisory capacity as your HR consultants.

HR Consulting

Regardless of the expertise and resources of your in-house HR department, there may come a time when a highly-trained outside source of HR expertise may prove invaluable to your business. At TPG HR Services our extensive HR experience in all areas of the field can be put at your fingertips immediately, particularly when you would like an unbiased and independent review or audit of your current HR services. This kind of “fresh look” at existing policies, employee attitudes and morale, or how you allocate company resources can be a critical part of the self-examination that all companies (including our own) need to go through from time to time to keep operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness. This type of outside perspective can be particularly important if your organization is going through some sort of dramatic transition such as a merger or acquisition, a large expansion, or a shift into a new area of business or a new market. Working with TPG HR Services can help you manage these kinds of transitions and determine how best to allocate all of your resources (including your HR team) in new ways to meet the new challenges you will face.

HR Partnership

Even if you have an in-house HR department, there may be times when special projects arise that lie outside the expertise of your team – or where your HR staff simply doesn’t have the time to devote to something in addition to their regular duties. This is where TPG HR Services can step in and partner with your existing HR staff to address any area of concern. And, this doesn’t even have to be an unexpected “special project” either. Perhaps, you have determined that your in-house HR team is best used to focus on a specific set of core, business-essential responsibilities. By partnering with TPG HR Services, you can ensure that other important functions are handled without having to devote internal resources to them. This can be a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your internal HR team without diverting their focus from their central strategic goals. Once you determine your company’s core strategic HR responsibilities, you can have your team concentrate on them, while being confident that TPG HR Services will handle other areas expertly and consistently.

Small Business Services

Small businesses thrive by finding a way to produce high-quality results in spite of limited resources. In fact, the creative tension produced by this equation is what often gives birth to the innovation and “outside-of-the-box” thinking that is a hallmark of successful small businesses in virtually every field. In order for small businesses to prosper, each employee needs to maximize their potential and be pulling in the same direction – areas where HR can play a key role. Correctly implemented HR policies can also protect small businesses from potentially devastating compliance mistakes that can sink the success of a small business before it has a chance to grow. However, many small businesses can’t devote the resources to hiring HR personnel to staff an in-house HR department. Fortunately, there is a way out of this apparent “catch-22” situation.  By turning to TPG HR Services, your small business can get access to the critical HR services you need without having to add extra staff to your “lean and mean” payroll. And, as you grow in the future, TPG HR Services can help you assemble a highly-qualified, in-house HR team at whatever point you deem that appropriate.

HR Services


HR Outsourcing

For many small businesses HR outsourcing provides a way for them to match or exceed the level of HR services provided by their larger competitors without “breaking the bank.” Let the TPG HR Services team help you deliver the most HR “bang for the buck.”


Some businesses, particularly small ones, may benefit from a “co-employment partnership” with a PEO. TPG HR Services can help you decide whether this option would work well for you, as well as serving as your PEO if you go this route.

Payroll Management

Jump-start your organization's productivity by leveraging the expertise of our HR consultants. They can provide a fresh perspective on, and concrete solutions to, a variety of issues that impact your bottom line.

Employee Relations

Ensuring staff satisfaction can be a 24/7 job by itself. We work with your employees on your behalf to promptly resolve their issues according to your internal policies.

HR Audit and Assessment

To improve your HR systems, you need to know your starting point. Get a clear picture of the state of your HR policies with a comprehensive HR audit and assessment from our experienced HR team.

Compliance Assistance

Let us help you navigate the ever-growing maze of HR regulations.

Employee Onboarding

Much time can be lost in the transition from applicant to employee. We can expedite the onboarding process and ensure that employees have completed all the right steps to be part of your team.

Employee Compensation

Attract, retain and motivate your workforce with a competitive and well-designed compensation structure that rewards your high-performing staff members for their contributions to your success. Our highly-skilled team can show you how.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During the often chaotic period of a merger or acquisition, we can help develop an effective integration strategy that accounts for all the possible HR pitfalls, allowing you to focus on other critical priorities.

Talent Acquisition

By now you’ve learned that quality employees are the lifeblood of any business. Let us help you recruit the most promising and qualified professionals in your industry.

HR Call Center

Give your employees the information they need, when they need it, as well as a means to quickly respond to any problems or issues as they arise. An HR call center, staffed by on-call TPG HR Services professionals, provides timely support to your team.

Unemployment Management

Quickly resolve unemployment matters while identifying and addressing fraudulent claims. We’ll work with employees and agencies to ensure a timely, fair and cost-effective resolution.

Benefits Management

Save money on benefits-related costs. We are ready to help you find quality employee-benefit plans and seamlessly manage day-to-day administration of all benefits issues.

Workers' Compensation

Avoid penalties and unnecessary costs related to workers’ compensation. We will negotiate with providers on your behalf and communicate with employees throughout their claims.

Employee Communications

Keep your staff in the loop about important events and company developments. Our employee communications services help you stay connected with your team.

HR Consulting

Jump-start your organization's productivity by leveraging the expertise of our HR consultants. They can provide a fresh perspective on, and concrete solutions to, a variety of issues that impact your bottom line.

Small Business HR

Your small business needs to get the most out of your workforce in order to remain productive and profitable. We can provide the cost-effective HR services that every small business needs to succeed in today's highly competitive, global marketplace.

Don't take our word for it.

photo of TPG HR Services client testimonial #1

"TPG HR Services is like no one else in the industry. Prior to switching to TPG, we were using a very large HR services company and felt like they sold us a bill of goods. I can remember before we signed with our previous HR services vendor it seemed that their sales rep was out to see us constantly.  Right after we signed with them, we almost never saw their rep again and all their contact with us was over the phone! Working with TPG is the exact opposite. They have truly become part of our team, and our staff considers them to be an invaluable resource that we work with every day of the year."

photo of TPG HR Services client testimonial #2

"My sincere thanks to you and your team. You pulled off what we thought was impossible for our company . . .  helping us to become fully compliant and improving morale at the same time!"

photo of TPG HR Services client testimonial #3

"Your team has made our mergers and acquisitions transition a resounding success! We look forward to a successful long-lasting partnership with TPG HR Services."

The Growing Trend of Outsourcing HR Services

Does outsourcing some or all of your HR services make sense for your business? 


The Growing Trend of Outsourcing HR Services

Does outsourcing some or all of your HR services make sense for your business? 

Our well-researched eBook may help you answer this question.

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